Artist in Residence


The Aichi University of the Arts invites artists from around Japan and overseas to its campus as Artists in Residence to collaborate on educational, performance and creative activities. By inviting a variety of working artists (both individuals and groups), we aim to encourage exchanges with our faculty and students that will result in fresh educational and research perspectives and invigorate our campus.

Commonly found in universities, museums and orchestras in the West, such residence programs provide the invited artists with a place to explore their creative practice in new contexts. The artists in residence give workshops, and present or recite new ideas and works that differ significantly from the university's regular curriculum. A major feature of our university's Artist-in-Residence Program is shared spaces for daily activities, which encourages close exchange among artists, faculty and students.

Created and run by the Center for Promoting Fine Arts and Music, the Artist-in-Residence Program contributes greatly to the university's medium-term plan core objectives of international exchange, strengthening of partnerships with other educational organizations, and enhancement of cross-disciplinary education at the university.




AffiliationFaculty Member
in Charge
Outline of Artist-in-Residence
1 Michael Schelle Butler University United States Akira Kobayashi
Composition (Composition)
  • Artist talks, workshops, public lessons, concert presentation of new works at the university
  • Presentation of new work at Setouchi Triennale
  • Lectures at Nagoya University (collaboration project with the Composition Course)
2 Federico Agostini Eastman School of Music
United States

Yasuyuki Fukumoto
Instrumental Music (Strings)

  • Mr. Agostini is also a former concertmaster of Italy's I Musici di Roma chamber orchestra. He will give public violin and chamber music lessons and concerts, including joint concerts with the student string ensemble and faculty chamber music ensemble.

Henk Kosche

Clemens Metzler

Lighting Designer

Graphic designer resident in Japan
(Part-time instructor at Aichi University of the Arts)

Satoshi Nakashima
  • Hold lectures without an interpreter
  • Hold discussions with students in English, hold student presentations and a panel exhibition in English
  • Create videos of Artist-in-Residence Program events and upload them to YouTube
4 Nina Tichman Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln
Mioko Kato
Instrumental Music (Piano)
  • Hold a joint concert in Nagoya with a Instrumental Music (Piano)Piano Course professor at the university
  • Hold a piano recital at practice hall in the university's new school building
  • Hold public piano lessons