Doctoral Course in Fine Arts

Program Description

The Graduate School of Fine Arts has a single doctoral degree program, the Fine Art program that enables interdisciplinary and multimedia researches in five areas of study. The program revolves around creating works and writing theses to receive a doctorate. During the three-year program, students will be instructed for their studies by the Doctoral Program Committee, an organization consisting of faculty members in charge of the program. The Graduate School of Fine Arts will make continuous effort to strengthen its system to cope with advanced and interdisciplinary researches and actively contribute to the local community and society.

Admission Policy

The aim of the Fine Arts program for a doctorate at the Graduate School of Fine Arts is to develop artists and researchers who can advance their careers independently and become effective social leaders in the field of art and design. To this end, this program is designed to help students with advanced capabilities further develop their rational analytical abilities and improve their powers of expression. The program welcomes applicants who are sufficiently talented and grounded in art or design from within and outside the University (including international students).