Faculty of Music

Three policies of the Faculty of Music

Diploma policy (Policy for authorization of graduation and conferment of degree)

The Faculty of Music has set the objective of cultivating human resources who have a clear sense of purpose, strong spirit and practical skills, with aspirations to pursue artistic and research activities from an international perspective.
Students are required to develop their solid personality and rich sensibility, and acquire a highly specialized practical ability, profound knowledge, and wide-ranging education in the field of music before graduation.
Students who have been in school for the prescribed period, and acquired the prescribed academic credits, including those of graduation works, graduation thesis or graduation music performance accomplished in the final school year, are recognized as being qualified for graduation and thus conferred the bachelor's degree in art.

Curriculum policy (Policy for organization and implementation of curriculum)

In order to develop the individuality of students to the maximum extent, the university provides thorough tutorial education for four years in specialized practical lessons. In the freshman and sophomore years, basic education is emphasized in particular; and in junior and senior years, various practical lessons are provided to develop their applied skills to sustain a diverse range of activities in the future.
Together with practice-oriented lessons, etc., students can widely study optional subjects such as music theory, languages and liberal arts.

Admission policy (Policy for acceptance of enrollment)

The Faculty of Music invites students with a high musical sensibility and eagerness for expression, and a clear sense of purpose and strong spirit to aspire to a wide range of artistic and research activities from a domestic as well as international perspective in the future.