Ceramics - Outline

Program Description

Among industrial arts and designs, ceramics is the one familiar to Japanese in their daily lives.

The university's Ceramics program enjoys the benefit of its location ideal for the creation of ceramics. The nearby cities, Seto, Tokoname, and Mino, have long traditions of ceramics carried by various excellent techniques. Taking advantage of this favorable location and outstanding facilities of the university, the program inquires the ways ceramics are in harmony with daily life, and fosters individuals who will actively contribute to the inquiry. With "you no bi" (functional beauty) as an education philosophy, the program pursues the potential of ceramic materials and freedom of expression in works for not only daily or architectural use but also any other applications. The program provides students with the basics of ceramics, refines their individual abilities, and strives to foster leaders in the next generation.

Admission Policy

The Ceramics program consists of two concentrations: Ceramics and Ceramic Design. Students will receive the specialized training from their third year. However, the whole curriculum of the program is designed to consistently help students to acquire fundamental skills to mold, create, describe, and compose. The program seeks students who can answer its principles and objectives. Consideration will be given to applicants who:

  • Are interested in ceramics for daily life, and enthusiastic about learning.
  • Are willing to cast their thoughts into shape.
  • Have an incentive to pursue the possibilities and expression of ceramic materials.