Sculpture - Outline

Program Description

The program concentrates on three-dimensional expression that reflects present diverse society, and aims to foster artists, researchers, and educators of the future.

In the first and second years, students mainly learn basic skills and theories of sculpture by practice under thoroughly individual guidance. The juniors and seniors study specialized techniques and applications of the basic theories while receiving individual instruction in advanced courses. Additionally, through the lectures given by acclaimed artists and critics in Japan and the world, students will explore creativity leading to new expression and nourish multidimensional understanding of the complex relations between creativity and society.

Admission Policy

The Sculpture program emphasizes both skill and theory, and examines Japanese and international creative expressions. The program welcomes students who can actively study foundations and applications in line with the program to pursue their own creative expression. Consideration will be given to applicants who:

  • Have self-management skills, and at the same time, can work well with others.
  • Possess strong will, perseverance, endurance, and physical strength to confront and overcome their weakness.
  • Have flexibility to examine their notions from various perspectives, and strive to find answers to their pursuits through making works.
  • Love "art" in all senses of the term, including the content described above.