Oil Painting - Outline

Program Description

At the present time when art is highly and increasingly diversified, it is a difficult task for young creators to find their own way of expression. They will need to deepen and broaden their thought and vision to acquire the expression. In the Oil Painting program, painting could be regarded as the starting point to explore new creative expression. To emphasize this versatile aspect, the program mainly consists of elective courses.

In the first and second years, students will have an interdisciplinary learning experience. They study different views and values of all faculty members of the program through lectures and basic practical training on techniques and materials for oil painting and printmaking.

One-on-one lessons are given in the third year, and ensures students can pursue their own interests of study. They will choose a tutor from diverse faculty members every five to six weeks, and seek and develop their own ways of expression. At the end of the third year, a faculty panel reviews each student's work displayed in an exhibition style.

In the fourth year, students receive periodical reviews in preparation for their graduation work, and the graduation work exhibition is held as the overall summary of their studies. In addition, throughout the four years, the program provides lectures by adjunct instructors and opportunities to show large-scale works.

As described above, aiming to produce unique artists and specialists, the Oil Painting program values the expression of respective students, and is designed to foster their self-reliance and spirit of inquiry.

Admission Policy

For the first two years, students concentrate to work on painting. In the third and fourth year, primarily further investigating painting expression, students also receive guidance on expressions outside the category of painting. The program seeks students who are determined to establish in-depth understanding of art and their own style of expression through the learning process described above. Consideration will be given to applicants who:

  • Have enthusiasm and a spirit of inquiry for art.
  • Possess basic ability to express themselves through art, and seek to improve the ability within the scope of the curriculum.
  • Work hard to make art and spare no effort in the pursuit of self-expression.