Faculty of Art

Three policies of the Faculty of Art

Diploma policy (Policy for authorization of graduation and conferment of degree)

Students who have been in school for the prescribed period, acquired knowledge, skills, and social readiness concerning the designated specialized fields within their major area of study and wide-ranging education, and earned the prescribed academic credits, including those of graduation production and graduation thesis accomplished in the final school year, are recognized as being qualified for graduation and thus conferred the bachelor's degree in art.

Curriculum policy (Policy for organization and implementation of curriculum)

Art at the present time encompasses a variety of thoughts and expression. The Faculty of Art organizes a curriculum based on a one-to-one tutorial system, considering the present situation of respective disciplines, and honoring the particularity of every major area of study. Together with practice-oriented lessons, etc., students can widely study optional subjects such as art theory, languages and liberal arts.

Admissions policy (Policy for acceptance of enrollment)

Aiming towards transmission from the region to the world, Aichi University of the Arts conducts high-quality research, education and social contribution through active art activities. In the Faculty of Art, each major area of study determines its own admission policy in order to cultivate and provide highly specialized human resources in all aspects of art, such as artists, designers and researchers.