Founding Philosophy

Aichi University of the Arts was founded on April 1, 1966 for the purpose of creating distinctive cultural sphere in the middle part of Japan, the Chubu Region. This foundation was responding to the Region's industrial economic growth centering in Aichi Prefecture. Additionally, the university's graduate school for a master's degree was established four years later,on April 1, 1970 to contribute to the enrichment of culture and society through advanced in-depth research for artistic theory and application. On April 1, 2009, the graduate school began to offer a doctoral program. The mission of the university since its founding is "to cultivate creativity, based on studies of art and applied art, that could contribute to the development of culture." While educational circumstances, particularly in higher education, and social needs for universities have undergone drastic changes, the art education and research conducted by universities have been increasingly shaped by integration and diversification. The university, based on its 50 years' experience, will continue to serve as an advanced and unique educational institution responding appropriately to the needs of the times and society while fostering still more creative individuals leading the 21st century.