Strings - Outline

Program Description

The Instrumental Music (Strings) program gives students to acquire a high level of technical proficiency in their instruments. It also provides instruction for students to comprehend the distinctive musical style of each period, from Baroque to contemporary. All the faculty members engage in professional musical activities, and at the same time they are devoted teachers.

The Strings program is characterized by its emphasis on ensemble education. In addition to solo repertoire, students are encouraged to study and practice chamber music, string ensembles, and orchestral pieces. That enables them to familiarize themselves with a wide ensemble repertoire and to experience the depth of chamber music. Initially, lessons in chamber music classes focus on string quartets. After learning the fundamentals of ensemble performance through string quartets, students will participate in a large string ensemble. This experience is a prerequisite for later orchestral classes. Many students hope to join professional orchestras in the future. There are many graduates who are already in professional orchestras, including major orchestras in all parts of Japan; not only that, an increasing number of recent graduates have joined Western orchestras.

Throughout history, music has been one of the most powerful means of communication. It moves and enlightens us and enriches our lives. It is our sincere desire that each student continues to grow through their uncompromising quest for excellence in both performing and teaching.

Admission Policy

This program intends to develop individuals who can contribute to society as performers, educators, or professionals. For this purpose, the program seeks students who:

  • Have fine sensitivity and creative imagination.
  • Are talented as a performer.
  • Are eager to learn, and have promise to lead the world of music and education.