Faculty of Music

Admission Policy

The school of Music seeks students who have sensibility, distinctive personality, balance between theory and technical skills, and motivation to express themselves by music. Students also should have lofty spirit, definite sense of purpose, and strength of character as they can pursue a broad range of artistic activities with not only local but also international viewpoints. The refined sensitivity, well-organized expertise, and refined skills of performers will be essential elements to move an audience.

Diploma Policy

In the School of Music at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, the programs are structured for students to learn a method to analyze, interpret, and compose music, and develop solid performing techniques and individual sensibilities. From the first year, lessons are mostly private to strengthen fundamental skills. For students in junior and senior years, the programs organize a variety of practical curriculums so that they can improve their applied skills for a broader musical development. In the senior year, achievements of students in creation, research, or performance, are evaluated through their graduation work, thesis, or performance. The school is committed to foster rich humanity, definite sense of purpose, strength of character, and solid technique in its students. They are expected to be active and inquisitive about music with an international perspective. A bachelor's degree is conferred to students who have learned the content of study described above; earned credits required for graduation; and demonstrated ability and accomplishment in their graduation work, performance, or thesis; and so on.