Faculty of Art

Admission Policy

The School of Arts consists of two departments: Department of Fine Arts, and Department of Design and Craft. Both departments seek students with enthusiasm and motivation for art. Artistic expression has to be achieved not only by individuality but also by solid technique and appreciation of theory. The school welcomes those who strive to associate themselves with and contribute to the local and international communities with their self-expression. Artistic expression that moves people deeply is the fruit of hard study accumulated day by day.

Diploma Policy

The School of Art at Aichi University of the Arts emphasizes to produce individuals who could contribute to the art and culture of the local and international communities through comprehensive activities in such creative fields as fine art, design, and art education. To achieve this goal, the school establishes a close rapport between faculty and students through providing them with small-group guidance from the foundation courses. Also, the faculty respects and encourages individual expression techniques and artistic attitudes as a basic policy. In specialized and advanced studies, the school further values the personal vision and aesthetics of respective students. As a summary of learning and exploring experiences in the school, senior students are required to submit a graduation work or thesis. This work or thesis is evaluated for graduation. This evaluation will help students to realize their possible investigations in the future in terms of sensitivity, knowledge, and skills.

A bachelor's degree is conferred to students who have learned the content of study described above, earned credits required for graduation, and demonstrated ability and accomplishment in their graduation work or thesis, and so on.